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The Year Ahead

As we meet with clients this year, we are continuing to focus on three main issues. First, understanding how much volatility you can live with. There’s no reason to believe that markets won’t continue to gyrate – we strive to work through how much short-term volatility our clients can live with both from a need […]

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Bear Market Truths

By now we may have experienced an “official” bear market which is defined as a temporary correction in the equity markets of 20% or more.  As always, at this point in the market cycle, with fear in the air…there’s lots to debate and little to resolve. There are, however, common features of bad markets that […]

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Biggest risk to retirees

Demographic and economic structural changes have elevated longevity risk when planning for retirement. Retirees are simply living longer! Today, retirees are rightly concerned with the risk exposure of their portfolios. Many investors spend considerable time looking for portfolios that meet their downside risk tolerances (i.e. they want to minimize short term losses).  Unfortunately, the focus […]

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The Green Rush

Some investors may view others moving towards a new investment idea as a “rush” and a great chance to cash in on a hot new industry.  The classic investor emotion of “fear of missing out” has yet again taken control of those looking to invest in the soon-to-be legalized cannabis industry.  The accelerated growth of […]

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“Obvious” Investment Truths (explained)

The more we watch the media the more important it is to remind ourselves of what constitutes proven investment truths.  We would like to give credit to an article by Ben Carlson at www.wealthofcommomsense.com for putting together 36 investment truths that serve as a good reminder from time to time.  Listed below are a few […]

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