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The Gift of Education through RESPs

A new Ipsos-Reid survey indicates that while 97% of parents surveyed want their children to further their education, only 49% of them actually have a Registered Education Plan in place. While it may not cover a child’s entire College or University stint, if set up at an early age, it can take off much of […]

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Creating a Retirement Income Plan

For those of us who will need to live off the assets we have accumulated over our working years, one of the most important milestones occurs when we start converting our savings into income. In our view, for most people this is the most important crossroad in their financial lives and one that needs careful […]

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Reviewing your Portfolio too often is not good for you OR your portfolio

I recently read Richard Thaler’s book called “Misbehaving” which reviews the history and studies done within the field of Behaviourial Economics – how human behaviour (regarding financial decisions) affects people and the economy.  Richard coined a phrase called “myopic loss aversion” which suggests that the more we look at our portfolio, the more we are […]

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Bank Employees Under Pressure: Sales vs. Service?

Do sales goals get in the way of a financial institution’s promise to put clients’ interest first?  Can banks and credit unions align their priorities and interest with that of the consumers? Twisted Priorities The banking industry has been shaken up in recent months by scandal and controversy.   The recent spotlight was triggered by television […]

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As Investors did we learn anything last year??

The New Year is a great time to reflect on the events of the past year to see if we can learn anything that could help us in the future. As a Financial Planner and Investor I can think of nothing that can help us become better investors than to look at what happened with […]

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