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Letting Go of the Why

Watching the constant flow of positive and negative news unfold over the last 20 years has made a number of things very clear to us. First of all, no one really knows what’s going on in the markets in the short term. I remember listening to a very well-respected European hedge fund manager give a […]

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Budget Highlights 2016

It’s important for us to stay on top of issues that pertain to you and your family’s financial health. Below is a brief overview of the Federal budget introduced by the new Liberal Government on March 22nd . We will adjust our tax planning strategies as required for our individual clients. Repealing the Federal Balanced […]

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What Can Make You a Better and Happier Investor?

Recording artist Daniel Powter was having a bad day – for much of the summer of 2006. At least that’s what his popular song called Bad Day told the world. Anyone who has invested in the stock market can sympathize because they, too, have probably seen their fair share of bad days. The market’s gyrations […]

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Why Does Buy and Hold Have to be Impossible?

Dr. Andrew Lo, a finance professor at MIT, recently shared his thoughts on a long-term, buy and hold strategy in an interview on MarketWatch: “Buy and Hold might sound like good advice because on paper when you take a look at the S&P over the last 10, 20 or 30 years the performance looks pretty […]

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The Millionaire’s Mind

The recent death of Dr. Tom Stanley, who was in the media recently as a result of being killed by a reckless driver, prompted me to re-read a book of his I had sitting on my bookshelf. I first read his book over 15 years ago, titled The Millionaire Next Door, which was published in […]

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