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Ontario Probate Rules Tightened

If you have been named an executor of an estate, the probate process has become even more onerous. For most people we would recommend you contact a good estate lawyer to help you through the process. Here are some of the details. Estate trustees in Ontario will now be required to report much more detailed […]

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When is a 5% return better than a 7% return?

In the quest to grow wealth, many people believe they have to seek out the highest possible return for a given level of risk. However, our experience has taught us that most investors often overlook their real objective… which is to generate the most money after tax. The first step to understanding this is to […]

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ETF’s or Exchange Traded Funds have grown significantly over the past decade to the point where they are now a mainstream product. We are often answering questions about ETF’s so we thought we would provide an update here: First: What is an ETF? In general, most ETFs are passively managed investments designed to track the […]

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The Professional Advantage

Getting what you pay for….. Every now and again, someone asks us to explain the benefits of dealing with a financial professional. This issue has been in the news lately, so we thought it might help to go over a few of our answers. We admit some may consider our opinion a little biased, but […]

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So, would you like to save some tax?

We have found that many accountants and most people are unaware of the significant advantages available to non RRSP investors when investing via Corporate Class Funds. Tax time is a perfect time of year to review the tax you are paying and look for ways to pay less. Unlike a traditional mutual fund where each […]

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