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As most of our long term clients can attest, our constant focus is on controlling not only our, but also our clients’ behaviour so that we all become great long-term investors. We do this by restraining our natural tendencies towards greed and fear when dealing with money. When investing is looked at in this way, […]

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Tax Free Saving Accounts (and other things!!)

The term Tax Free Savings account (TFSA) is a misnomer in that it implies that it must be a “Savings” account that is held within your TFSA. In reality, a TFSA is just a type of investment account where you can hold almost any kind of investment with the benefit being that all earnings and […]

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7 Financial Rules You Should Never Forget

Don’t try to predict the future. A little more than a decade ago: Greece was strong. Russia was bankrupt. Oil cost $13 a barrel. AOL dominated the Internet. Smart economists thought the government would pay off the national debt by 2009. Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL ) was a joke. General Motors (NYSE: GM ) was at […]

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Life Insurance – who needs it anyway?

Seems like a pretty simple question, but many Canadians fail to address the need for Life Insurance until it is too late. Many life events trigger a need, such as buying a home, having children, wanting to leave a legacy, etc…. With Life Insurance, people generally focus on two primary attributes – the premium and […]

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Walking the High Wire

Many of the world’s equity market indices are near, or have recently set all-time highs. These developments have been well-documented in the media, with most references containing cautionary tales of the declines that occurred each time markets had previously reached these levels. This has left some investors questioning whether owning equities at such “lofty” levels […]

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