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Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)

The introduction of the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) by the Canadian Government will become the most important savings vehicle for clients since RRSP’s. The initiative will allow Canadians to save money and watch their savings grow TAX FREE. How does the TFSA work: Starting in 2009, Canadians 18 and over can save up to […]

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Look past the doom and gloom

Ever heard the saying, “BUY LOW, SELL HIGH”? Now’s the time to consider it!! As I write this, the world’s largest economy is on life support and has been requiring emergency medical intervention to keep it alive after suffering multiple traumas in a nasty financial pileup. The headlines are scary and breathless, and perspective has […]

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10 frequently asked questions about mutual funds

1. What is an investment fund? An investment (or mutual) fund is a corporation or trust which accepts money from public investors and employs a professional investment management team to place that money in investments that will meet the fund’s objective (i.e. produce the kind of return that the fund has stated as its aim). […]

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Choosing a financial planner

Your financial planner will deal with one of the most personal and sensitive aspects of your life: financial security. As a result, TRUST is at the heart of the financial planning relationship – trust in the planner’s competence, integrity and objectivity, and trust that the planner will act first and foremost in your best interests. […]

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Equities are in for the long run

Many of us are aware that we should invest our longer-term money into ownership of businesses (ie. Equities) rather than lend it to the Bank (GICs) or to the Government (Bonds). But why are some of us uncomfortable with that notion? Well a recent book full of statistical data written by an unbiased credible source, […]

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