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Financial Planning

When it comes to planning, there’s no magic. Only proper implementation of a strategy that works.


Our proprietary THE FINANCIAL NAVIGATION PROCESS™ is about providing a higher level of planning. It represents the new world in financial planning and is providing a unique experience for many new as well as existing clients.

Our unique experience will accomplish two things:

  • Enable you to be crystal clear about those things in life that are most important to you.
  • Give you tremendous confidence from knowing you are making smart choices with your money….and seeing the impact on a regular basis.


It’s All About You

By helping you to make informed and intelligent decisions with your money, we are confident that you will have a better life. Being clear on what really is important to you and having a comprehensive written plan in place will give you much needed direction and confidence in your future.


1. Discovery Analysis

Through a series of unique questions your future becomes clear and you gain focus. You identify what’s important to you and how to achieve it by completing your Financial Roadmap.

2. Road map to your destination

Planning Projections
Based on your life stage and goals, view each year for the rest of your life with all your financial goals, sources of income and targets defined. This exercise will project you into the future and give you direction to demonstrate what needs to be accomplished to meet your goals and dreams.

Portfolio Blueprint
Your Investment Policy Statement sets the stage for a consistent and successful investment experience with no surprises to worry about. Our Portfolio Construction Breakthough helps ensure that your ideal portfolio strategy reflects your individual profile and life goals.

3. The Efficiency Check

Tax Minimization Strategy
Many of us pay unnecessary taxes each year and few financial products and plans are designed to be highly tax effective. Most people only focus on gross return. This analysis will look at net return and optimize your decisions through all of the various tax cycles.

Safeguarding Your Future
It would be unwise to put a road map in place for your future without a risk analysis of what could go wrong. This system ensures that your plans are protected in the event of an unforeseen event and allows you to live worry free.

Tax Free Estate Transfer Process
You can opt to pay large taxes at death or choose to write the government out of your will. This process examines ways to structure your estate to accomplish your goals and leave your hard-earned estate to the ones you love and the organizations you support rather than to the government.

4. Complete Financial Direction

A proper financial/life strategy achieves two purposes: it bridges the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and allows you to ACT rather than RE-ACT your way to success. Imagine how you will feel when you have a step by step implementation plan addressing all your key concerns and ensuring that all of your resources are working in harmony towards your life goals.

5. The Destination Protection Program

Change is constant, and this monitoring program provides a regular review of your plan to ensure that you are keeping up to date. By maintaining a long-term view together with a regular review program you can rest assured your entire financial roadmap will remain on track to meet your goals and dreams.

If you would like to speak to someone personally about The Financial Navigation Process™, simply use the Contact page.