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Time is money

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it. - Albert Einstein Even in the early 20th Century, Albert Einstein knew that compound interest had the potential to change lives. It is suggested that...

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Life Insurance to Protect Your Mortgage

As Financial Planners in Cornwall, one area we can add a great deal of value for clients is managing risk, especially as it relates to Life Insurance and estate planning.  With Life Insurance, people generally focus on two primary attributes – the premium and the...

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Looking Back to Move Forward

We are now past the end of the third quarter in what continues to be an eventful year for not only our health, but financial markets and the economy as well. In light of all that investors have been through, we thought it might be worthwhile to briefly summarize where...

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Stock Market Movements – A Simple Explanation?

With large single day stock market moves of up to 10% or more earlier this year, some of us may have been asking the question…WHY? It is common for investors to crave simple explanations for stock market movements, perhaps searching for a sense of certainty, in a...

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Focus On What You Can Control

We’re entering our second month of the COVID-19 pandemic and it continues to have a lasting impact on all parts of life. New daily routines have been established, as we all do our part to flatten the curve. Instead of panicking, it’s better to step back and focus on...

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A Thought About Risk

“In an information-intensive, fast-moving world where instant gratification is prized, I would make the case for the rewards of practicing patience” says Tony DeSpirito, Chief Investment Officer for US Equities at BlackRock Inc., one of the world’s largest...

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The Year Ahead

As we meet with clients this year, we are continuing to focus on three main issues. First, understanding how much volatility you can live with. There's no reason to believe that markets won't continue to gyrate – we strive to work through how much short-term...

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Bear Market Truths

By now we may have experienced an “official” bear market which is defined as a temporary correction in the equity markets of 20% or more.  As always, at this point in the market cycle, with fear in the air…there’s lots to debate and little to resolve. There are,...

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Biggest financial risks to retirees

Demographic and economic changes have elevated longevity risk when planning for retirement. Not only are we seeing this in Cornwall and the surrounding area, but all around Canada… Retirees are simply living longer! Today, retirees are rightly concerned with the risk...

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The Green Rush

Some investors may view others moving towards a new investment idea as a “rush” and a great chance to cash in on a hot new industry.  The classic investor emotion of “fear of missing out” has yet again taken control of those looking to invest in the soon-to-be...

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It is our strong belief that to be successful in reaching your goals it is necessary to have a plan in place and to follow a process. That is, to make your life and financial decisions not by accident but by design.

Remember, successful people ACT towards the future they want!

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Inflation and your Investments

Recently, the Bank of Canada said that inflation (rise in general price level) “has been running at a rate of close to 4% the last few months...and is expected to near 5% by the end of...

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Our Clients

Their honesty and customer service is right up there, with the knowledge and recommendations on where investments should be made. When it’s time for a change Tim is always honest with us on where any changes should be made.

Janet McDonald

To me, it is their personalized service. When something happens, you can go in and discuss your options. The whole team knows your plans, listens to your needs, and can help you make adjustments.

Richard Dumoulin

They are very courteous, friendly and find them very professional. They are good at taking care of time sensitive matters and you get a general sense of being taken care of.

Ginny Blair

The fact they take time to discuss with you their knowledge base, they give you all the options then give you their opinion and let YOU make the final decision.


Their integrity and 1-on-1 communication skills, always personable. Tim and his team make you feel comfortable no matter how much you are investing.