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Wednesday, January 27th 6:30-7:30pm

Learn How a Proper Plan Can Help You Maximize Your Income and Reduce Taxes.


Are you on track for a worry-free retirement?

Will you outlive your money, or will your money outlive you?

Are you paying more tax in retirement than you need to?

We understand that properly planning your retirement income can be a stressful undertaking, especially when you try to tackle it alone.


Our educational piece will touch on:


Understanding CPP & OAS


Types of Retirement Savings & Taxation


Importance of Investment Returns & Asset Allocation


Having a Plan to Minimize Taxes

We spend many of our working years allocating a portion of our earned income to one day fund our retirement. We go to work each day knowing that saving for retirement is an important progression of our lifetime, recognizing that we will not work forever. While most of us understand that saving for retirement is important, many of us have not figured out how we will turn our savings into a steady income when the day finally comes.

When should you start thinking about retirement?

Whether you are currently living in retirement, entering your prime earning years, or just setting out in your profession; today remains the best time to put a plan in place for your future. As Financial Planners, we understand that this can be a stressful subject especially when you try to tackle it alone and it is our job to help guide people through this life process.


This webinar will help you understand how to harness your personal investments, pensions and other sources to generate income in your retirement years.


As well, we will go in-depth about some of the potential financial pitfalls you may hit, and show you how to avoid these common mistakes so you don’t make them.


We are excited to show you how to maximize your income so you will outlive your money!

Maxwell Ming

Andrew Cattanach

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