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We make sure to help you understand all of your options so that we can create a solution together that is right for you.

At Ming & Associates, we have the experience and wisdom to ensure that you will be confident about your future. Our entire team is with you every step of the way, proactive with your finances, ready to respond to your changing needs. With a disciplined approach, our professional team takes great care to ensure you continually build your wealth & security over your lifetime.

Who we work with


Set your retirement date and define your lifestyle goals. Ensure a plan is in place for a tax efficient withdrawal strategy to maximise your income and provide peace of mind. Financial Freedom should FEEL good!

Professionals & Business Owners

Create clear goals for your future, build and maintain an integrated plan for your wealth with coordinated tax, investment and income strategies between you and your business.


We help you identify your family’s financial goals and provide a clear strategy to help you have confidence in meeting all of life’s milestones.

Where We Will Help

Investment Management

We have a passionately disciplined approach to investment management. We set our standards high because we know that if you succeed, we succeed.

Tax & Financial Planning

Our proven approach to planning ensures that your plan is customized to your needs and integrates investment, tax, insurance, and estate issues; allowing you to live life to the fullest.

Insurance & Estate Protection

Take the appropriate steps to protect you and your loved ones against unforeseen events, and ensure a tax efficient transfer of your wealth between generations.

Meet Our Team

Hundreds of local residents have come to rely on the knowledge, caring, and expertise of our team.

With a strong mix of experience and youth, and as one of Cornwall’s only independent planning firms, we are well positioned to help clients make sound financial decisions.

Left to Right: Andrew Cattanach, Heather Hum, Donna Villeneuve, Timothy Ming, Jennifer McCleary, Maxwell Ming

Timothy Ming

Tim brings a broad range of skills and business acumen to assist his clients with their retirement, estate and financial planning needs.

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Donna Villeneuve

Donna’s CFP designation has provided her with the knowledge and experience to help clients reach their financial goals.

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Andrew Cattanach

Andrew has currently completed his Mutual Fund course and his Life License and is working towards completing his CFP designation.

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Maxwell Ming

Max has currently completed his Mutual Fund course and his Life License and is working towards completing his CFP designation.

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Heather Hum

Heather is our administrative support and responsible for developing proactive relationships with our clients and marketing implementation.

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Wendy Poirier

Wendy has spent her entire career in the financial services industry and prides herself on providing our clients with the highest level of customer service possible.

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Jennifer McCleary

Jennifer covers our reception desk and is responsible for responding to client inquiries and transaction processing.

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