Maximize Your CPP & OAS

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For most Canadians, Canada Pension Plan (CPP) & Old Age Security (OAS) will be a key component of your retirement income. We discuss the important details of each, the options available to you, and mistakes to avoid when starting your benefits to be able to maximize their value to you and your retirement.

Money Talks: Unpacking Emotions & Behaviour in Finance

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We sat down with Benoit Veilleux, college professor and founder of Better You Counselling for a conversation on navigating our relationship with money, the impact that emotions & behaviour can have on financial decision making, and much more.

Preparing for Retirement

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Thinking about retirement in the near future, but questioning things such as how much is enough to retire, or how to coordinate retirement income and minimize taxes, or when to start government benefits? We discuss what to consider in years leading up to retirement.

Investing Within a Corporation

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As an incorporate business owner, it’s important to understand the benefits of investing within a corporation. We discuss how investments inside your corporation are taxes, the grind on your small business limit, and tax-efficient investment strategies for corporate accounts.